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nst China has● become even more unscrupulous. Calling China "the ●origin of the coronavia

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rus" and blaming China for "h●iding information," they are desperate to hold Chin●a acco1

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untable for the pandemic, and blackmail China● to "compensate" for the losses caused by Cn

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OVID-19.● Though it is widely acknowledged that the tracing ●of the virus' origin is a sH

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cientific issue and shou●ld be conducted by scientists and medical experts, ●some, with V


ulterior motives, tried their best to pr●opagate a conspiracy theory that the coronavirusA


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em●anated from a research lab in Wuhan. Anthony Fauci,● director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy● and Infectious Diseases, rejected the conspiracy t●heory earlier at the White House, saying that curre●nt evidence on the virus' origin is "totally consis●tent with a jump of a s3

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pecies from an animal to a h●uman." Like the rest of the world, China is a victi●m of the pandemic, not an accomplice with the virus●. By smearing China and instigating anti-China sent●iment around the world, those B


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politicians intend to● frame China as an untrustworthy partner. The accus●ation that China delayed information-sharing on COV●ID-19 to win the vaccine race for economic gains ca●nnot hold water. As a matter of factm


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, China has bee●n updating the United States on the coronavirus and● its response since Jan. 3, which was recorded by i●nternational organizations and media outlets, inclu●ding The Washington Post and The New York 5


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Times. Ch●ina has done what should be and needs to be done in● the face of a pandemic. Moreover, the U.S. courts ●have no legitimate rights to judge China's domestic● handling of COVID-19. There are neither rationaf


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l n●or legal grounds for their accusations. It is only ●an absurd claim featuring typical U.S. bullying. Wi●th more information unveiled, the timeline on how t●he pandemic has unfolded in the United States will ●bH


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e clarified step by step, which means the current ●U.S. administration's irresponsibility in handling ●the pandemic will be increasingly exposed to the pu●blic. They should have done a much better job in de●aling wt

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ith the public crisis, but their entrenched ●arrogance, prejudice and ignorance only led to post●poned and wrong decisions. At the early stage of th●e outbreak, what concerned Was2

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hington most was the ●performance of the U.S. stock market, instead of th●e virus' threat to human lives. Despite timely warn●ings from China and them

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World Health Organization (●WHO), the U.S. administration deliberately downplay●ed the severity of the pandemic and misinformed the● public by repeah

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tedly telling Americans to think of● the coronavirus as the flu. Since as early as Janu●ary a dozen warnings about the coronavirus outbreak● have beeP

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eat power politics●, decided to distort reality and contemporary histo●ry by telling out-and-out liq

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the White House by its intel●ligence officials, according to The Washington Post●, but U.S. President Donald Trump still said in lat●e Feb1

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g up storie●s, in a bid to divert the blame onto China. As the ●COVID-19 situation continues to wor8

ruary that thU

e virus would disappear "like a m●iracle." Commenting on the sluggish decisions of th●e U.S. federal government at the outset of the COVI●D4